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Marlys Waters
Nemaha Web Design was started by Marlys Waters in 2002. Most of our business is for small organizations and businesses who do not want to spend a lot of money to get their sites up and maintained.

We have recently formed an association with:

They are self-employed Computer Repair Technicians bringing the finest Mobile Computer Repair Service right to your home or business. They repair PC's, Laptops, Networks and everything in between.

They also offer web design and web hosting, remote diagnostics and virus repair for your personal or professional use. You are welcome to contact them for information on services and package prices offered.

800-853-9220   •   Johnathan Hagen
Our first website is still active and used for the Crestland Reunion held annually in Early, Iowa. Links to and samples of over twenty other sites created by Nemaha Web Design are found on the portfolio page.

Marlys has created and maintained websites for cities, restaurants, reunions (schools and families), attractions (Old-timers Farm Shows), and several small businesses. Most sites can be completed in one to two weeks.

You may go to the Nemaha Web Map at   and click on the "Nemaha Web Design" link. We can set up domain names for you that point to your site.

Our Gentleman' Agreement
Gentleman's Agreement Once we set up your site and have received payment, you own that site and are free to move it to any other host at any time. In fact, we will even offer you a CD with all your files on it for a small additional fee.

However, as long as your files remain in Nemaha Web Design's website, we retain all maintenance rights to that site with the exception that we could also allow you access to your own website if you have the ability to make your own maintenance and changes.

ServicesAll successful e-business websites are a carefully formulated balance of design, technology and marketing. We can help you achieve this balance. As a solutions provider we focus on getting results and we understand the importance of seeing a real return from your investment.

Our full range of services are designed to make your transition to e-business an easy one. We are experienced in webdesign, programming, hosting, consultancy, management, marketing and online promotions. Please contact us today to find out how we can help you to successfully integrate e-business into your organization.

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