Books on Main opened Monday, April 30, 2012. Hours are Noon – 6:00 pm, Monday through Saturday. Over 6000 books have been sorted and placed on display.

The books have been sorted by categories. The majority of books are hardcover with most priced from $.50 to $1.00.

The “True” category include biography and autobiography, crime, and family stories. Children and youth books are in a separate area with stories ranging from small picture books, to teen stories, and stories for parents to read to their children.

school books and textbooks at Books on MainSchool books for youth and college age are displayed in a separate section. There are several very old school books included.

Christian and inspirational stories, bibles, and books on various religions cover a wide variety of topics. They have been placed in their own section for easy viewing. They have been further sorted into Biographies of Christian leaders, Novels based on spiritual living, assorted Bibles including several over-sized versions, historical books on various religions over the ages, and sermons/program books.

There are many topics represented by less than 100 books in each including poetry, drama and plays, gardening, auto repair, money and investing, art, crafts, home repair, life (sociology, substance abuse, psychology, parenting), mythology, humor, and even family games.

For other topics with only a handful of books–they have been stacked on tables for easier viewing. Chairs are conveniently placed by the tables and at other areas throughout the store for your shopping convenience. Bookseller has attempted to place the books within easy-to-view levels trying to eliminate floor-level or above-shoulder shelving (with a few exceptions).

While the bookseller hates to miss any business, the store will be closed each winter from December 15th through March 15th.