Early, Iowa Quasquicentennial 2007
Brothers of the Brush   •   Sisters of the Swish

Now available - Shaving Permit - $5.00
Available at the City Clerk's Office

Brothers of the BrushOne of the highlights of the summer of 2007 in Early, Iowa is the "Brothers of the Brush" beard-growing competition, held in conjunction with the 125th anniversary celebration in July. In order to reflect the struggles and sacrifices of our forefathers, it would be appropriate to have the town look as it did 125 years ago.

Brothers of the Brush Be it hereby decreed that starting March 21, 2007 - beard growing is mandatory! Unless. . .

Men who do not wish to be a Brush Brother could pay a fine or buy a permit to be clean-shaven. Those who desire to remain clean-shaven may purchase a "Shaving Permit" pin valid for the duration of this momentous occasion for $5.00. The shaving permit pin will allow the beardless gentlemen to be spared the taunts of their shaggy neighbors and to avoid fines imposed by the Kangaroo Court!

Cash awards of $25.00 will be given in four categories. It might be the longest, whitest, or most unusual beard. It may be the oldest bearded contestant, youngest, or best overall. Winners may also include best Moustache, Partial Beard, and Sideburns. Judging will take place during the Quasquicentennial July 20-22, 2007.

Sisters of the Swish
Traditionally "Sisters of the Swish" are encouraged to join in the fun of wearing clothing similar to the start of the town of Early around 1882.

This would mean to wear official Quasquicentennial sunbonnet, and old-fashioned "swishing" skirt. Vintage clothing fron the 1920's and 1930's is also acceptable.

Date and time of the beard contest will be added on the Events Schedule.

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Updated 5/24/07