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Nutrition Notes

Black Walnut NutmeatsBlack Walnuts are low in saturated fats, have no cholesterol, and are high in the polyunstaurated and monounsaturated fats (the good fats) which can lower "bad" cholesterol levels (LDL) without damaging good cholesterol (HDL).

They also contain iron, minerals and fiber, without any sugar. They provide the nutritional benefits of tree nuts that are enjoyed in the now-popular and healthy Mediterranean diets.
Nutrition FactsBecause their flavor is so strong, black walnuts are rarely served alone. But, they have been used as a meat substitute in certain dishes. Black walnuts have more protein than English walnuts and contain arachidonic fatty acid, which some studies show relieves bursitis symptoms. Like English walnuts, black walnuts are high in vitamin E, which promotes cardiac health.

Nutrition FactsFor baking and larger portions, see the nutrition sheet at right for a cup measure.

Even though Black Walnuts are known for their strong flavor, many people acquire a taste for them and enjoy snacking on the nutmeats as a treat.

They can be eaten or used in recipes right out of the freezer (NON-frost-free freezers store nutmeats the best). They are still chewable or grindable even while frozen.
And finally, total nutrition when combined with ice cream:
Black Walnut Ice Cream Nutrition Facts
Can't find the brand near you? Take some softened Vanilla Ice Cream and some ground black walnuts and mix your own! Yum. . .

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